/Jon Olsson Hits the Slopes In a Mad Lambo

Jon Olsson Hits the Slopes In a Mad Lambo

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Freeskier, car fanatic, and part-time mad man Jon Olsson has recently done a new stunt he would like to share with you. This time he’s taken a custom Lamborghini Murcielago to the top of a glacier because he wanted to know how fun it is exactly to drive a super car on such slopes. Turns out it’s very, very fun.

Now, Jon Olsson has driven cars on ski resorts before. But what sets this stunt aside from the previous efforts is, for one thing, the glacier thing which made the whole thing more exciting, and also the car itself.

The Lamborghini Murcielago Olsson took to the slopes is a 640 horsepower rear-wheel-drive converted mode with custom wheels and 16mm spikes on the tires. Now why would he convert the Lambo from all-wheel to rear-wheel-drive if he wanted to drive it on snow and ice? Well, the simple answer is the Murci simply had too much grip. Omitting one of the diffs didn’t quite eliminated that, but it made the car more easy to toss around.

Jon commented: “I had so much grip I could just drive around anywhere I wanted and take as many runs as the gas tank allowed me to do! So after weeks of planning and waiting we finally got the day we wanted! So happy that it worked out and we managed to leave with the car in one piece!”

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