/Mustang GT Goes Semi-Donk on Forgiato Wheels

Mustang GT Goes Semi-Donk on Forgiato Wheels

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If you didn’t like the purple Dodge Viper we showed you earlier we have another purple-ish muscle car here that might float your boat. It’s a Ford Mustang GT given a semi-donk treatment by the boys at Forgiato Wheels.

Of course, no self-respecting Mustang GT owner would ever consider donking his sport/muscle car. It’s just too good for that. But in the case of this particular ‘Stang, that is okay because, well, look at it! This purple Mustang is quite clearly built to be a show car. It’s an exhibitionist, so it’s alright for it to have a candy purple paint job and oversized wheels. It’s like one of those circus elephants. Nobody takes it seriously.

Although the paint job kind of obscures everything else on this Mustang’s exterior, the car also features a front spoiler lip, a vented hood, side skirts and a rear boot lid wing. And there are those massive Forgiato Ventoso rims with a brushed face and blue lips to match the present theme. And don’t think that because of the increased ride height this Mustang can now go offroad. The rims are so massive, the tires are like painted rubber on them. It’s just a wildly impractical setup good only for the show.

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