/Purple Dodge Viper Looks Vicious in the Wild

Purple Dodge Viper Looks Vicious in the Wild

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Dodge, or SRT if you prefer that, Viper is a rare sight mainly on account of it not being very popular. Even rarer is seeing one of these cars in a special color, because that means somebody actually went to the trouble of customizing and personalizing it. This Purple Dodge Viper is one of those rare creatures.

The unpopularity of the Viper is in no way due to the way it looks. The design of this car is actually the best thing about it. The serpent-like body with those huge wheels and nostrils is refreshingly different from anything we get in Europe. And these features are doubly cool on this Purple Dodge Viper since the color really does make the car look like an exotic snake.

The reason not many people are willing to spend their money on the Viper is because of its ancient powertrain. Dodge must have thought that by employing an outdated 8.4 liter V10 they could attract the fans of old-school muscle cars to this model. And they did, but they were like five of the left. This powertrain makes no sense at all in 2016 and we reckon it will bring about the demise of the car unless Chrysler wake up and do something about it.

Photos by Hertj94 Photography via Autogespot

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