/Track Test: BMW M2 vs Ford Focus RS

Track Test: BMW M2 vs Ford Focus RS

BMW M2 vs Ford Focus RS 600x303 at Track Test: BMW M2 vs Ford Focus RS

For their latest head to head track test the guys from AutoExpress have glossed over the issue of money and focused only on the one shared capability between BMW M2 and Ford Focus RS: which one is more fun to drive? That is to say, which one powerslides more easily.

Now, you might think that that’s a forgone conclusion, as BMW M2 is built for this kind of tomfoolery. But you must not forget the new Ford Focus RS comes with a dedicated Drift Mode and that it really works. So this should be interesting:

And these cars are closer in terms of raw numbers than you might think. BMW M2 has a 365 horsepower straight-six turbo motor, while Focus RS packs a 2.3 liter EcoBoost Turbo with 350 horsepower. The same goes for torque, and the fact that they both have a 6-speed manual gearbox and trick differentials. The fact that the RS is front-wheel-drive whereas the M2 is as rear-drive as they come only makes the Ford look more impressive for what it can do.

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