/Ford Fusion Sport Pricing Announced

Ford Fusion Sport Pricing Announced

Ford Fusion Sport Price 600x374 at Ford Fusion Sport Pricing Announced

Earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show Ford announced the launch of a new V6-powered variant of the Fusion dubbed the Sport. Now the car is ready to hit the market and they seem to have found a hook for promoting it as well. Ford Fusion Sport is relying on Germanophobia to sell itself.

No seriously. In every other sentence in their press release Ford mentions how the 2017 Ford Fusion Sport V6 is better and cooler than the German cars in this segment. Even when it comes to the pricing they are quick to remind us that the $33,475 starting price of the Sport is very un-German like.

Based on this Ford Fusion Sport should only appeal to World War II veterans because they are the only ones who hate Germans enough to buy into this malarkey. Trouble is, the survivors are like 80, 90 years old now, and we’re not sure they like the sound of a 325 horsepower, all-wheel-drive sports sedan.

What this car appeals to is the young fella with a small family who wants something affordable that is mind-numbingly boring like the established cars of this class. For him the Fusion Sport V6 is ideal because it looks pretty much like a regular sedan, but packs 380 pound-feet of torque, so it’s pretty peppy. Just make sure you order the summer-only tire package and you’re good to go.

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