/Porsche 911 R Twins Sighted in Germany

Porsche 911 R Twins Sighted in Germany

Porsche 911 R Twins 0 600x335 at Porsche 911 R Twins Sighted in Germany

Well, Stuttgart is the place to be if you want to catch a glimpse of the latest, greatest Porsche models before they hit the showrooms. This time it was in the town of Filderstadt in south of Stuttgart where the new Porsche 911 R was spotted, and it wasn’t alone.

The spotter apparently stalked the Porsche 911 R with the green stripes all the way to an underground parking lot where he found another 911 R, this one with red stripes. Being a good sport, the driver of the green car parked right next to the red R, thus creating a spectacular image for the internet to droll over.

So here you get to see the superb Porsche 911 R with two stripe colors, which is helpful if you’re ordering one of these and can’t decided which color you want to go for. Trouble is though, the stripe is probably the worst part of the new 911 R. We realize it is an homage to an old racing car or whatever, but the fact is it’s really ugly. What you need to do is to tick the box where it says No Stripes on the options list.

The rest of this car is absolutely perfect. 500 horsepower, a manual gearbox, lighter weight than a Turbo, wide tracks, carbon ceramic brakes, bespoke PSM system, “R-specific” GT sport steering wheel… this thing is like a “greatest hits” version of the 911.

Photos via Autogespot

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