/The Unglamorous Side of Owning a LaFerrari!

The Unglamorous Side of Owning a LaFerrari!

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Well, the photo above is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? Here’s a Ferrari LaFerrari, one of the world’s sexiest and most expensive cars, in what is quite possibly the coolest color ever given to a car. And it has about as much dignity as a milk float.

The reason for that is, for whatever reason, the owner of this blue LaFerrari felt the need to charge up the batteries of the car’s KERS system on the side of a Parisian street, with an extension cord across the sidewalk. The best part of the whole ordeal is all that duct tape used to cover up the gap in the window which had to left open for the sake of the cord.

Now, we know for a fact that Ferrari LaFerrari is a hybrid with a big, powerful V12 as the main source of propulsion. The batteries and the electric motor are there to supplement the petrol engine and not for powering the car. What’s more, it is the V12’s job to top up the batteries as the car goes along, so there really is no need for charging cord, especially not in such painful circumstances.

So yea, this whole thing could very well be a practical joke by the owner who knew this was going to go viral and therefore used some extra duct tape for effect. But it does make you think about the near future where most cars on the street will inevitably be electric and men are liking them more and more. Does that mean the sidewalks are going to be awash with unruly charging cords everywhere? and speaking about the future of motors and men, read about the other best testosterone booster to complement with your love of cars.

Photos via Autogespot

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