/Juicy Red Mansory Huracan Sighted in London

Juicy Red Mansory Huracan Sighted in London

Red Mansory Huracan 0 600x335 at Juicy Red Mansory Huracan Sighted in London

A red Lamborghini Huracan is not really a rare sight anymore. Even a red tuned Huracan is seen out in the wild more often than you’d think. But when the tuned Huracan in question is a Mansory Huracan, it’s a different story. This is something worth checking out.

The red Mansory Huracan you see here looks very refreshing to look at thanks to the spectacular paint job and the body kit it’s sporting. That’s interesting, because the Huracan package is one of the least flashy styling kits Mansory makes. In fact, an uninterested eye won’t even notice the car is sporting an aftermarket kit. That’s what we think makes this car cool.

Those who know what they’re looking at, though, will notice Mansory Huracan comes with an extended carbon fiber front splitter featuring side flaps, aerodynamic side skirts, a bulkier rear diffuser unit and a fixed and rather elaborate rear wing. This particular Huracan has the stock wheels which look good enough, and of course it has that superb paint job.

Potos by Areos95 via Autogespot

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