/Porsche Panamera GT3 RS? Why Not!

Porsche Panamera GT3 RS? Why Not!

Porsche Panamera GT3 RS 600x350 at Porsche Panamera GT3 RS? Why Not!

Before you dismiss out of hand this admittedly loopy Porsche Panamera GT3 RS — which is obviously a cross between a Panamera and a 991 GT3 RS — let us remind you of this custom Panamera which took Monaco by storm a while back. So this thing could actually happen in real life.

We don’t know what designer X-Tomi was smoking or snorting or shooting when the idea of this Porsche Panamera GT3 RS came to him, but people have evidently thought about the idea of a massive four-door saloon car with excellent track capabilities, which is what this car would offer if anyone could be bothered to build it. And as we showed you above, there are people crazy enough to actually try.

Porsche themselves may never built something like this, but you might get something close to Tomi’s Porsche Panamera GT3 RS from the factory. Porsche does make a GTS version of the Panamaera—although this version of the new 2017 model is yet to be revealed—so it is not that outlandish for them to come up with a more hard-core version and slap an RS badge on it. Such a model would have close to 600hp and a much, much lighter body than the regular Panamera, but one would struggle its point.

Rendering by X-Tomi Design

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