/Sensational Mansory Porsche Panamera by Calwing

Sensational Mansory Porsche Panamera by Calwing

 at Sensational Mansory Porsche Panamera by Calwing

We got more news from Japan, this time about their take on a European car equipped with a European body kit. What 213 Motoring, the Los Angeles branch of Calwing, has done here is add just a little bit of Japanese spice to the handsome Mansory Porsche Panamera to make it even more tasty.

Those of you who are familiar with the works of Mansory will instantly recognize their signature flourishes on the exterior. Mansory Porsche Panamera comes with a pair of custom and fairly exquisite bumpers on the front and rear, complemented with flared wheel arches, side sills, skirts and strakes, and a vented carbon bonnet and grille.

And we haven’t even got to the aero parts yet. A full Mansory Porsche Panamera body kit also includes carbon fiber front spoiler, side sero blades, rear diffuser and optional rear wing. The most notable highlight of the whole package is the magnificent rear diffuser which has a massive central cutout for the car’s custom tailpipe.

Calwing’s Mansory Panamera is set aside from almost all the other versions of this car we’ve seen so far by virtue of its sheer blackness. In fact, this car is what they refer to in the American tuning parlance as black on black, what with the tinted windows, black body and black Mansory wheels. Yep, this is a rather appetizing dish.

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