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Evo Revisits Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche Carrera GT Evo 600x355 at Evo Revisits Porsche Carrera GT

Nobody was really aware of it when it was happening, but now we realize that the first decade of the 21st century was a golden era for supercars. In that period we got the Enzo, we got the McLaren SLR, and we got this, the irreplaceable Porsche Carrera GT. On the latest episode of their Icons revisited web show the boys from Evo Magazine pay homage to this magnificent piece of engineering.

Now, some of you may argue that we are still in a golden era for high-performance super machines, what with the likes of LaFerrari, P1 and the 918. And that’s true, but these are all computer-powered hybrids designed with a nod to the environmentalist concerns. Cars like the Porsche Carrera GT were the last of the truly great mechanical, macho, animalistic, brutal speed machines. Let me put it this way: Porsche 959 is Humphrey Bogart, the Carrera GT is Robert De Niro, the 918 is Ryan Gosling. Know what I mean?

Porsche Carrera GT Specs:

  • Roadster, two seats
  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Mid-mounted engine
  • Drive system: Rear-wheel drive
  • Engine: V-10, normally aspirated
  • Displacement: 5,500cc
  • Horsepower: 558
  • Peak torque: 442 lb.-ft.
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual
  • Wheelbase: 179.4 in. / 4,556 mm
  • Length: 106.3 in. / 2,700 mm
  • Height: 47 in. / 1,192 mm
  • Wheel diameter: F: 19 in. / R: 20 in.
  • Curb weight: 2,755 lbs. / 1,250 kg
  • 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) < 4.0 sec.
  • 0-124 mph (0-200 km/h) 10 sec.
  • Top track speed 205+ mph (330+ km/h)

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