/Ken Block’s Gymkhana NINE Is Here

Ken Block’s Gymkhana NINE Is Here

Ken Block Gymkhana NINE 600x368 at Ken Blocks Gymkhana NINE Is Here

So what started a few years ago as a sort of homemade drifting video for a very small corner of the internet achieved such a level of virality that it is now back for its ninth installment. Ken Block’s Gymkhana NINE happens in and around the industrial area and railway station of Bufallo, New York, giving the film a nostalgic, old-timey sort of vibe that isn’t really consistent with the modern and cutesy Ford Fiesta RS RX he is driving. One can’t help but think the Hoonicorn would have been a better match for this environment.

That said, the looks of that Ford Focus can be deceiving because underneath this bespoke beast packs a 600 horsepower engine and super sophisticated chassis and suspension which enables Ken Block to throw it around like he’s playing Forza 3. Actually he is kind of playing that because Forza is a partner of Gymkhana NINE.

Ken Block’s Gymkhana has outlived many million-dollar TV series mainly because it has had more viewers than them. How much longer people are going to be intrigued by a car hooning around a desolate place we don’t know. But since there is no competition for this out there, we’d say Ken doesn’t have to worry about his job security.

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