/Porsche E-Performance Family Showcased in Promo Clip

Porsche E-Performance Family Showcased in Promo Clip

Porsche E Performance 600x270 at Porsche E Performance Family Showcased in Promo Clip

At this point in time Porsche’s hybrid lineup is still not what you would call mainstream. But that is about to change. In a few years Porsche is going to establish itself as the absolute authority in making high-performance hybrid and electric cars on the evidence of the recent growth of the Porsche E-Performance family of cars, which includes everything from SUVs and Sedans, to hyper cars and race cars.

This new promo clip does a good job of putting in perspective why Porsche E-Performance cars are going to take over from the current range in the near future. They are virtually no-compromise solutions.

Over the past few years Porsche has been silently fortifying its research and development division for the pending onslaught on the hybrid/electric segment of the market. When it’s unleashed full force, Porsche E-Performance is going to challenge many of the established standards in the auto world.

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