/Filld for Bentley Eliminates the Need for Refueling

Filld for Bentley Eliminates the Need for Refueling

filld bentley 600x400 at Filld for Bentley Eliminates the Need for Refueling

Bentley and a California-based start-up called Filld have come up with a new app for Bentley owners with which they can say goodbye to the hassle of refueling their cars- you know, because it’s such an intolerable chore. Filld for Bentley delivers the fuel to your car when it needs it at the touch of a button on your smartphone.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? And it is very convenient for Bentley owners. But to be honest it is one of the most ridiculous things we’ve ever heard as far as this whole app revolution goes. So what Filld for Bentley is proposing is sharing the location of your car with strangers who will then get into their vans and drive around to find you, get access to your car (as they proudly boast that you don’t even have to open the fuel filler cap), fill it up and go. All this trouble just so you won’t have to – oh, I don’t know – drive into a fuel station.

Bentley’s Director of Product and Marketing, Christophe Georges, said: “Bentley ownership is about more than just the vehicle – it’s the entire luxury experience. We are continuously investigating ways in which to offer our customers tailored, convenient, smart services that afford them the greatest luxury of all: more time. Our Connected Car strategy will continue to expand and innovate in order to further enhance the Bentley lifestyle.”

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