/Virtual Tuning: Liberty Walk Porsche Cayman

Virtual Tuning: Liberty Walk Porsche Cayman

Liberty Walk Porsche Cayman 600x356 at Virtual Tuning: Liberty Walk Porsche Cayman

Sports cars like Porsche Cayman are not usually subjected to wide body treatments, or any other strictly visual modification for that matter. These are driver’s cars built for action and not showing off. Still, this Liberty Walk Porsche Cayman wide body here makes a good case for at least entertaining the idea.

Rendered based on the previous generation, the Liberty Walk Porsche Cayman here boasts a full on package with the Japanese tuner’s signature bolt-on fenders, exaggerated a bit for the sake of visual drama, and a custom aero kit that complements it nicely. The virtual tuner has also dropped the car on some air suspension and fitted it with a set of DAB wheels which they then went and painted pink for some reason.

As for the argument why a car like Liberty Walk Porsche Cayman makes no sense, well, you buy a car like the Cayman because you appreciate driving and all its little technical nuances and the Cayman is so finely balanced that it delivers that joy in nicely wrapped, perfectly spiced nuggets. Now if you go and mess around with the car’s weight, ride height, wheel size and aerodynamics you will invariably ruin all those good things and end up with some disjointed, awful to drive car that looks kinda cool.

Rendering by Gurnade

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