/Eye Candy: Porsche 964 RWB

Eye Candy: Porsche 964 RWB

Porsche 964 RWB EAS 0 600x369 at Eye Candy: Porsche 964 RWB

RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB) is one the best known brands in the auto business, which is peculiar because they only do one thing: widen old Porsche 911s. But this one thing they do, they do it with such zest and passion, the end result is nothing short of an art work. I mean, just look at this Porsche 964 RWB which recently popped by European Auto Source shop for some extra mods. Isn’t it just bewitching?

And you know what they say: for something to be art it has to have no function other than its presence. Well, what we have here with this L.A.-based Porsche 964 RWB is an old car made so wide it is hardly practical anymore, so low it has to fight the street just to get anywhere, and with an interior so sparse, it would be more comfortable sitting inside an Afghan jail. Also, since the 911 in question here is a 964 generation, the whole thing is less than savory to drive.

But despite all of those shortcomings, the RWB Porsche remains one of the most highly desirable items on any petrolhead’s wish list. We covet this thing the way art collector cover a canvas from Van Gogh or Klimt. We just want to look at it. We want to park it in the middle of our living room and just spend our days ogling it. It’ll probably leak oil and ruin the flooring, but who gives a damn. We’d be an RWB owner, and in car terms that is like being in the SAS!

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