/First Bugatti Chiron Crash Is an Undignified One

First Bugatti Chiron Crash Is an Undignified One

Chiron Crash 600x333 at First Bugatti Chiron Crash Is an Undignified One

November has not been a goof month for super cars as they kept crashing left and right. And in most cases the accidents were fairly ridiculous and they were captured on camera with the car in a comprising position. We saw a McLaren HS rear-ending a delivery truck, now check out a Bugatti Chiron being towed away by a forklift!

This is the first, at least recorded, instance of a Bugatti Chiron crashing and if we’re honest it’s a bit of a letdown. I mean, when you’re talking about a multi-million dollar, 1,500 horsepower hyper car crashing you kind of expecting something more spectacular… like, you want it to have crashed on the Autobahn doing 400 km/h, or at the Nurburgring after a deadly duel with Koeingsegg or something. This one just appears to have slipped on some wet road and hit a construction site, hence the forklift pulling it away.

At any rate, although the damage to this Chiron seems to be pretty substantial it is still far from a write-off. And don’t worry too much for the owner because whoever can afford to buy a Chiron in the first place can afford to destroy it and buy it again ten times over.

Via GTboard

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