/Jay Leno Drives the Top Five Ferraris of All Time

Jay Leno Drives the Top Five Ferraris of All Time

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The picture above just says it all, doesn’t it? These are, most everybody agrees, the greatest Ferraris the Italian company has ever made, and here you can see them all in action courtesy of one Jay Leno, a gearhead who has a lot of pull with anybody who is anybody in the car world.

This time Jay goes to visit Ferrari collector and businessman David Lee, a guy who is in the possession of a Ferrari collection estimated to worth more than fifty million dollars. He brought his five top dogs for JL to drive on the track: 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO, 1990 F40, 1995 F50, 2003 Enzo and 2014 LaFerrari. Mind you, this is just a taste of what Leno got to experience on his day with Lee. If you want to know the full story you’re going to have to watch the season premiere of Jay Leno’s Garage on Wednesday, November 9, on CNBC.

Jay Leno is not exactly a Ferrari guy – there isn’t one to be found in in his 150 strong car collection – but even he could not fight the adrenaline surge that occurs inside a man’s body upon laying eyes on these monsters. As for which one is better, that is impossible to judge because everybody has his or her own favorite.

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