/Wildly Dreaming Sibal: Slammed Wide Body Countach!

Wildly Dreaming Sibal: Slammed Wide Body Countach!

slammed countach 600x346 at Wildly Dreaming Sibal: Slammed Wide Body Countach!

A lot of crazy stuff happens in the auto world every day, but there are those things that not even the most off-the-hook crazy people dare trying in the real world. That is why we have the realm of renderings where designers can give virtual life to their wild ideas… ideas such as a slammed Lamborghini Countach wide body.

Penned by Jon Sibal, this slammed Countach complements his previous twin-turbo take on the car and just like that one, this too is something you will probably never see in the real world. Even if you can find someone mad enough to let his priceless vintage Lambo get butchered like this, we’re not sure it is even possible to fit air suspension inside the car’s tight fenders. That’s probably out of the question. But theoretically you could fit those wide fenders and the aero kit depicted here on a Lamborghini Countach. But then again, that will probably lower the already terrible practicality of this old super car to almost unusable. So no, we will almost certainly never see this thing out in the wild. But we can still enjoy looking at the image, can’t we?

Rendering by Jon Sibal

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