/Official: 2018 McLaren 720S

Official: 2018 McLaren 720S

McLaren 720S 08 Studio 600x372 at Official: 2018 McLaren 720S

So what we have been following for the past year or so as the P14 Super Series has now officially been unveiled and it is christened the McLaren 720S. As the name reveals, the new British supercar has precisely 720 PS courtesy of a new twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine, and it looks rather weird but in a good way. 

Many, of course, are going to compare the 2018 McLaren 720S with its predecessor, the 650S, and complain that it has become a whole lot uglier. McLaren would fire back that the new design is more classy and sophisticated, integrating into it many active and passive aero features. The car needs those features because it is rather fast.

Below you can see the car in action and check out some photos at the end of the footage:

With 720 PS and 770 Nm of torque from the new engine, McLaren 720S is capable of sprinting from 0 to 60mph in 2.8 seconds (0-100km/h 2.9 seconds), from 0 to 200km/h (124mph) in 7.8 seconds, and eventually to a maximum speed of 212mph (341km/h). Good job, then, that it has brake powerful enough that they can bring it back from 200 km/h to standstill in 4.6 seconds while covering 117m. Part of that is technology, and part good old lightness. With a carbon fibre chassis based around Monocage II central structure the 720S weighs only 1,283kg dry.

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But don’t think the new big Mac is a stripped-out racer. That’ll come later. The standard version boasts many luxury features such as fine leathers and machined aluminium. a folding instrument panel, and a new infotainment system. It better be luxurious because it starts at £208,600.

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