/2018 Mustang to Get Standard Line-Lock Feature

2018 Mustang to Get Standard Line-Lock Feature

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Staying true to its character as the quintessential muscle, Ford Mustang is now getting a feature that is every muscle car enthusiasts dream. It’s the the electronic line-lock which will be a standard feature on all 2018 Mustang models later this year, making burnouts easier than ever. They should call it the hooligan option. 

The line-lock is currently only available as a track-only option on the V8 GT version, but soon even the 2018 Mustang EcoBoost with its four-cylinder engine will get the feature.So no matter which Mustang you get, it will be able to make you like a colossal douchebag who likes to rev its engine, spin its tire, make cacophonous noises and produce a huge amount of smoke. Burnout is a mindless, pointless and frankly stupid thing to do. And like most stupid things it is also really, really fun.

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Ford says the 2018 Mustang line-lock feature is for drag racers to heat up the tire rubber for improved traction prior to the race, but we all know it is going to be used predominantly by big, fat city boys with an American flag tattoo on their arms and a pistol in the glove compartment. The system is activated steering wheel-mounted thumb switches whereupon, on models equipped with an available 12-inch, all-digital instrument display, drivers will see an industry-first, video-game-like animation of a spinning alloy wheel kicking up a cloud of smoke to indicate when the electronic line-lock feature is activated. Line-lock is available with either the 10-speed SelectShift automatic or six-speed manual transmission.

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