/2018 Porsche GT2 RS Gets Thorough Online Customizer

2018 Porsche GT2 RS Gets Thorough Online Customizer

GT2 RS Color 600x321 at 2018 Porsche GT2 RS Gets Thorough Online Customizer

limited edition, top-shelf versions of any car do not usually get much in the way of options and trims. Sure, there is the ‘special’ treatment you can have through the brand’s exclusive department, but in terms of off-the-shelf items, their options list are usually pretty dry because,well, they don’t need to please people in order to sell. That is, however, not at all the case with the new 2018 Porsche GT2 RS.

Now, the new GT2 RS sure is an expensive car, with a starting price of $293K before tax and delivery and stuff. But Porsche is apparently not putting a cap on its production like they usually do with these high-end models such as GT3 or R or Sport Classic. That is in spite of the fact that the 2018 Porsche GT2 RS is the most vicious, most powerful, and most track-oriented version of the 911 to date. They have released an online configurator for this car that highlights the depth of personalization options available for the RS through one simple fact: by the time your are done putting bells and whistles on the car and get one of the fancy paint jobs (shown below), the bill could as much as $70K above the base price!

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This probably won’t sit well with Porsche purists seeing as they believe an RS 911 is to be appreciated for its driving and handling and speed. These two-tone paint jobs and trendy wheels and fancy interior trim, those are for sissies who are more concerned about the appearances than substance. And if that’s the case, why get a 700 horsepower racing machine with an overwhelming rate of engineering excellence? No, cars like the 2018 Porsche GT2 RS should not pander to the customers. They should offer one, maybe two different trims and say that’s it, that’s all you guys get and you should be thankful. But obviously Porsche is running a business and what they ultimately want is to make fat stacks. And if they have to be all colorful and trendy in order to make them, so be it.

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