/New Generation Porsche Cayenne Concludes Testing

New Generation Porsche Cayenne Concludes Testing

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Later this month the third generation Porsche Cayenne SUV will go official. The German automaker says the new model is a complete redevelopment, but if we know Porsche the looks are not going to be revolutionary. The 2018 Cayenne will in all likelihood be another classy, capable, lovable uggo. 

But that remains to be seen. Right now we want to talk to you about the obvious stuff. 2018 Porsche Cayenne is going to be as tough, as well-made, and as reliable as its predecessors. That is not just an educated guess based on past experiences, either. That is the result you get when you put the prototype of a car through difficult tests and it passes them all with flying color. In the case of the Cayenne the tests included 4.4 million kilometers in conditions ranging from minus 45 degrees to plus 50 degrees.

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engineers and technicians measure in these unforgiving tests the tolerance of each individual part and the whole car as a unit. They also make sure all the mechanical and electrical parts work under extreme stress the like of which is extremely unlikely to occur in real life. So the new Cayenne may still not be a looker, but you can take solace in the fact it’s going to be in your service for a long, long time.

To simulate extreme stresses, the prototypes of the new Cayenne are being tested all around the world, including on race tracks traditionally used by Porsche to test all its models: In Germany, the Hockenheimring and the especially challenging Nürburgring-Nordschleife are used. In Italy, the test cars are put through their paces in continuous operation on the 12.6-km high-speed track at Nardò. The materials, sensors and electronics have to prove their quality and durability in different climate conditions – at up to plus 50 degrees Celsius in the sand dunes of Dubai (UAE) and on dusty slopes in Death Valley (USA) as well as at up to minus 45 degrees Celsius on ice and snow in Alaska (USA). The third generation of the Cayenne also had to endure the stop-start traffic in the hot and humid conditions of Chinese cities, master test tracks in Sweden, Finland and Spain, and was transported to South Africa, Japan and New Zealand to complete extensive on and offroad testing.


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