/2018 Land Rover Discovery Tows 110-Tonne Road Train

2018 Land Rover Discovery Tows 110-Tonne Road Train

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Land Rover never shies away from extreme stunts that challenge the capabilities of their cars. In fact, they welcome it. This time they have gone to the Australian Outback to prove the 2018 Land Rover Discovery is a towing king… by hooking it up to a 110-tonne road train. 

A road train is a convoy of lorries linked together and pulled by a massive tractor up front. To even think that a regular SUV could move this thing is preposterous. That is why we are lost for word trying to describe the 2018 Land Rover Discovery. The son-of-a-gun did it! It pulled the ginormous road train for 16 kilometers across the Outback without braking a sweat. The road train itself was even carrying 10-tonnes of ballast in order to hit the magic 110-tonne weight mark. The coolest thing is, the Disco with this 258PS 3.0-litre diesel engine has an official towing capability 3,500kg.

This whole stunt was planned to promote the 2018 Land Rover Discovery and its upgrades. For the new modelyear the Disco comes with the 300PS four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine. It also gets Interactive Driver Display TFT instrument cluster and 0-inch Touch Pro infotainment. There is even a head-up display with 4×4 data projection for ease of us when off-roading. And there are some insulation upgrades to make the cabin nicer to be in.

Quentin Spottiswoode, Land Rover Product Engineer, said: “Towing capability has always been an important part of Discovery DNA and the raw weight of the road train tells only half the story here. Pulling a rig and seven trailers, with the rolling resistance of so many axles to overcome, is a huge achievement. We expected the vehicle to do well but it passed this test with flying colours, hitting 44km/h along its 16km route.”

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