/Porsche GT3 Touring Package Inspires More “Pure” Models

Porsche GT3 Touring Package Inspires More “Pure” Models

gt3 touring package 730x439 at Porsche GT3 Touring Package Inspires More Pure Models

When Porsche unveiled the new Touring Package for the 911 GT3 at the Frankfurt Motor Show it was hailed as a car for 911 purists. The wingless, manual GT3 is a sort of back-to-basic, raw sports car for those find PDKs and downforce a tad boring. Now it seems Porsche wants to take this idea further with more ‘focused’ driver’s models, namely a new Cayman GT4. 

The word on the backstreets of the automotive blogsphere is that Porsche is developing a new version of the hugely popular Cayman GT4 which will be even more of a pure driver’s car than the Porsche GT3 Touring Package. In fact, Porsche is apparently adopting this whole ‘pure and simple’ thing as a theme for their future products. This is obviously great news for hardcore Porsche fans who like their cars raw and bloody. But the more typical Porsche driver – you know, your dentists and talent agents and real estate moguls – may not like the idea of Porsches getting sportier, which means compromising on luxury and comfort.

Now, should Porsche green light a new Cayman GT4 based on the 718 model, which they probably will, the car will have a six-cylinder engine. According to company’s officials who spoke to Autocar, Porsche will not do a high-performance four-cylinder model as previously speculated, because it doesn’t work financially. But such a Porsche with a flat-six will have to be a limited production model, something the new Porsche GT3 Touring Package isn’t. It will make choosing the right Porsche even more difficult than before, given how many choices you have. But we love the idea of simplification on the whole as it could result in some truly iconic cars.

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