/Last McLaren Senna Already Auctioned for Charity

Last McLaren Senna Already Auctioned for Charity

McLaren Senna 6 730x437 at Last McLaren Senna Already Auctioned for Charity

You know, it seems that the sole purpose of revealing the new McLaren Senna Ultimate Series was to make people eat their heart out. I mean, here’s a super expensive car that nobody could afford anyway, and they tell us they have already sold all 500 production units of it. Not only that, they’ve even auctioned off the very last one for charity. 

Now, normally we feel a tinge of jealously wash over us when we hear about this limited edition hypercars. This time though, we’re OK. You can keep your McLaren Senna those 500 who bought one. We don’t know whether it’s the looks or the fact that it’s yet another incredibly fast supercar or blah blah blah. But we just don’t fancy this thing. If we had 750,000 GBP – which is what a Senna has cost its owners – to spare, we would not spend it on this car. Maybe if it looked a little less odd…

At any rate, the final production McLaren Senna, which will sport chassis number #193, fetched a very respectable $2.67 million at auction. All proceeds will go Ayrton Senna Foundation, founded by the legendary racer’s sister to help poor children in developing countries. Senna would have loved this, given what a big philanthropist he was.

And in case you have forgotten the spec of McLaren Senna already, the car is like a 720S on steroids, featuring a 780 horsepower turbocharged V8. It weighs just under 1,200 kg, and it’s rear wheel drive, benefiting from the latest technologies in chassis and suspension control as well as electronic driving aids. The Senna is not going to break any top speed records, but lap records, maybe.

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