/Driving a Sports Car Is Better For You Than Romance, Partying and Sports

Driving a Sports Car Is Better For You Than Romance, Partying and Sports

2018 Mustang GT 730x382 at Driving a Sports Car Is Better For You Than Romance, Partying and Sports

Don’t shoot the messenger. That is honestly what Ford and a bunch of neuroscientists and designers concluded after they studied the effects of a thrilling drive. Evidently, as far as the pure “buzz” is concerned, nothing beats the high you get from a good sports car. Not partying, not watching football, not binging Breaking Bad. Not even sex for crying out loud!

So the next time you are going through a break up, or lose your job, or just suffer from plain old depression, forget going out with friends or hiring a hooker. Just rent a hot sports car and let it rip. Scientifically gathered data suggests you will feel better this way. Ford actually created a Performance Buzz Car to test this hypothesis. It’s a customised Ford Focus RS incorporating wearable and artificial intelligence technology to animate the driver’s emotions in real time across the car’s exterior. And it proved that that is indeed the case.

According to this study only riding in a roller coaster beats the buzz of a sports car, but that’s not something you can have access to whenever you need a fix. By this logic, owning a sports car will actually prolong your life by improving your well-being and emotional fitness. That is an awesome argument to raise when your wife inevitably complains about that sports car you just bought: “Honey it was either this or a roller coaster!

“A roller coaster may be good for a quick thrill, but it’s not great for getting you to work every day,” said Dr Harry Witchel, Discipline Leader in Physiology. “This study shows how driving a performance car does much more than get you from A to B – it could be a valuable part of your daily wellbeing routine.”

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