/SEAT’s CUPRA Brand Goes Solo

SEAT’s CUPRA Brand Goes Solo

logo copper texture 730x401 at SEATs CUPRA Brand Goes Solo

As we have explained in our piece about the brand game in the auto industry, more and more car makers are finding they stand a better chance of increasing their sales through sub-brands. The latest to follow this trend is SEAT and they decided to let their CUPRA line of high performance models to stand alone from here on out. 

The main reason for this is that often the cool, powerful and sporty models they make is too good to be associated with the main brand’s image as the maker of economy models for the masses. Take the new Leon CUPRA R, for example. Here’s a magnificent hot hatchback capable of going toe to toe with the best of them out there, but because it has a SEAT badge many people prefer to choose an inferior car from a nicer brand. The new CUPRA sub-brand aims to alleviate this problem.

It is also the sign of exciting things to come. According to SEAT the separation of the CUPRA brand from the mother company allows the designers and engineers to work with much more freedom. The sub-brand will have its own “soul, its own DNA, its own identity.” And judging by the awesome logo they have designed for it, we reckon the cars this brand is going to produce will be pretty special. SEAT will officially introduce CUPRA at an international event on February 22, 2018, and shortly afterwards the first CUPRA models will be introduced to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

logo copper 730x412 at SEATs CUPRA Brand Goes Solo

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