/5 Reasons You Should Consider the Acura RDX as Your Next Vehicle

5 Reasons You Should Consider the Acura RDX as Your Next Vehicle

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So you are going to get a new vehicle, and you have your heart set on a small luxury SUV. This hot and growing segment is only seeing more popularity with time, and you want in on the action. Their practical nature means they are nimble for an SUV, more eco-friendly, and you still get that luxury feeling of a top brand. The problem is, there are so many different choices in the segment, which one do you choose?

With picks like the Mercedes GLC, the Volvo XC90, the Audi Q5, and so many other major names in the bunch, it’s hard to pick the right vehicle for your family. Since you want something that’s reliable, comfortable, safe, and practical for the family, we put together 5 reasons you should pick up the Acura RDX as your next vehicle.

Easy Selection

Whether you are looking for an Acura RDX lease or you’re looking to buy, rest easy because they made selecting the right trim easy with 4 choices. There are basic, technology, a-spec, and advanced trim levels to choose from, and the make the price vary from around $37k up to about $47. In other words, even the top trim level’s cost is lower than some others in the segments starting cost… I’m looking at you BMW and Mercedes.

  • Basic: Nicely equipped version of the RDX, this vehicle really shines in it’s class for have standard equipment others deem optional. It has one of those big touchscreen infotainment systems like you expect from a luxury vehicle, and the cabin is a nice place to be.
  • Technology: This is the next step up. This package upgrades your speakers to 12 speakers, gives you blind-spot monitors, cross-traffic monitors, and navigation.
  • A-Spec: The A-Spec looks really nice with bigger 16-inch wheels. It also upgrades your speaker system again to a 16-speaker 3D surround sound system. It sound great.
  • Advanced: The advanced makes things quiet with acoustic tuned glass and thicker carpet. You also get a ton of extra technology like a 360-degree camera, automatic tail-gate, and heads up display, and adaptive suspension.

The vehicle has two styles of drivetrain you can choose from. There is a FWD option for those looking for those who don’t need to face the winter, and an AWD version for those of us that do.

Silky Smooth Advanced Trim Package

At the highest trim package, the Advanced, the Acura RDX really shines in the group. For the price, you really can’t get this much equipment and this nice of a ride if you don’t go with the RDX. All of the features are truly helpful on the road, and you feel the difference when you drive this version of the RDX. The adaptive suspension really works hard to make your drive as smooth as possible, and the AWD system makes sure it can. It’s just a smooth piece of mobile luxury at bargain prices in the field. This Advanced Package Acura RDX is still less than the entry-level BMW X4, and it’s only a bit more expensive than the base model Mercedes and Jaguar entries as well. When you look at those as the competition, the RDX starts to look like the real winner because you know it’s going to be Honda reliable luxury. That’s a good thing.

Great AWD Platform

Acura has been doing AWD for a long time, so you better believe they have made a great AWD system for their RDX. Their SH-AWD system is really something special. By using torque converters in the front and rear of the card, the RDX’s AWD system shifts power to the wheels that need it the most, so you always have the most traction possible. If you start to slide, the RDX can shift it’s weight by shifting power where it’s needed. It’s an amazing system, and if you live in a snowy area, you’re goning to love the way it feels in the snow.

Excellent Cargo Space

Crossovers are getting big because they are smaller vehicles with tons of cargo space, and RDX is the same. Though it might not look like it, this vehicle is more than enough to space to fit 31.1 cubic feet of your things behind all those seats. That combined with the seats that fold down very nicely, the RDX is a shining star in it’s class.

The RDX is a Great Overall Vehicle

If you are looking to crossover into the crossover SUV segment, you really have to take a look at the Acura RDX. This little crossover is just a joy to drive, and it’s technical options are mindblowing for the price. It’s nice on the roads, and the 2.0 turbo charged v-tec engine in the RDX gives you plenty of grunt on the highway to get the job done. Make sure you test drive one of these before you buy anything else.

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