Special Leno Edition Camaro at Jay’s Garage

camaro leno edition at Special Leno Edition Camaro at Jays Garage

All of the cars featured in Jay Leno’s Garage are special. This one’s a bit more special because Jay himself helped develop it, and it’s got his face on the dashboard.

This car dates back to 2009. It was conceived as concept car for the SEMA show back then, and the idea behind it was to make a Camaro with the lightness and agility of the V6 and the power of the V8. So, guess what they did…

Yep, they took the V6 engine and put two meaty turbochargers on it. It makes 420 hp, while remaining fuel efficient and fairly light. The one-off Leno Camaro also has some unique visual details like the vented hood, front spoiler lip, special wheels and brakes, deck-lid spoiler and fancy new exhaust pipes.

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