Arab Supercars in London – Documentary

Monday, January 7, 2013 10:57 by

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You have definitely seen many videos of Arab supercars invading London streets in warm seasons, because these are the best kind of supercar videos you can find on YouTube. The reason? Well, supercar owners in Europe or America are predominantly old folks who have too much dignity to rev the car for the spotter’s cameras and do crazy stuff on public roads. Young Arabs who buy these cars with their allowance, on the other hand, they are even willing to get into trouble in order to get more attention to themselves.

This documentary here tries to investigate this phenomenon, if you will, by looking at it from both points of view: a fun thing that brings a bit of color and excitement to the streets, or a stupid and utterly vulgar affair totally annoying the local residents. It is a good watch, if anything for the fact that it’s a compilation of best supercar clips you can find on the web!

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