Cadillac ELR Interior Features Highlighted in Video

Cadillac ELR Interior 545x284 at Cadillac ELR Interior Features Highlighted in Video

Cadillac ELR is all about the design. Underneath, the car is a Chevy Volt. Cadillac received the chassis and powertrain from Chevrolet and came up with a look for it. They’ve done a pretty good job. We’ve already taken an in-depth look at the exterior design of the ELR, now let’s check out some of the highlights of the interior.

Design-wise, the ELR’s cabin is a high-class work, and the choice of materials and all those fancy trims make it a very nice place to spend time in. The only negative, probably, is the touch-sensitive buttons and the CUE system lifted straight from other production Caddies.

Suffice it to say it is not the best infotainment system around, and those buttons could be quite irritating to use.

Other Cadillac ELR interior features include:

  • Eight-inch configurable instrument and driver information displays, offering four configurations ranging from elegantly simple to technologically enhanced information
  • Auto-glide/power-assisted covered storage/cup holder in the center console
  • Fold-down rear seat backs accommodate longer items, including multiple sets of golf clubs
  • LED-powered accent lighting in the instrument panel and doors
  • Available Opus semi-aniline leather seating.
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