Geneva Preview: Spyker B6 First Picture

Spyker B6 545x334 at Geneva Preview: Spyker B6 First Picture

The first official picture of Spyker’s new sports car leaks onto the web ahead of Geneva Motor Show, showing a car in the same size as the Porsche Cayman, but much much sexier. Codenamed B6, the new Spyker is reportedly called the Venator which is Latin for hunter.

Boasting a carbon fiber body and aluminum chassis, the Venator is fairly lightweight at around 1,400 kg, and is powered by a mid-mounted V6 engine developing 370 horsepower.

The best thing about the hunter is the way it looks. It features traditional Spyker design cues such as the large front grille and fancy headlights, and one would imagine the same applies to the interior.

Because of this amazing design, the Venator is a whole lot more expensive than the normal sports cars it is supposed to rival. With a price tag of between $160K to $200K, it is in fact priced like a super car.


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