/Middle East: 2009 Chevrolet Caprice

Middle East: 2009 Chevrolet Caprice

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One of the most beloved Chevrolet cars in the middle east is the Caprice, not because it’s a great car or it’s good value for money. Simply because it has all the qualities that a middle eastern family approve of! It’s big, have a good air condition system, is automatic and is much cheaper than German rivals!

For 2009 Chevrolet has updated, slightly, the Caprice to keep it fresh. Like always it comes in three option levels, LS, LTZ and the SS. The first two uses a 3.6 liter V6 developing 240 hp while the SS, being the sporty version, got a 6.0 liter V8 checking out 360 hp. 2009 Chevrolet Caprice gets a new 6L80E six-speed automatic transmission. The car also gets some new chrome detailing as part of the updating package!

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Press Release:

Chevrolet Caprice: Standing Out With Power And Luxury

All-new six speed 6L80E automatic transmission with Active Select on SS and Royale

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The Caprice has long been the cornerstone of the Chevrolet brand in the Middle East.  Considering its specifications, performance, driving dynamics and value for money, it is indisputable that the 2009 Chevrolet Caprice is indeed one of the world’s best large luxury sedans.  Chevrolet’s biggest sedan now benefits from a six speed 6L80E automatic transmission and even higher specification continues to deliver a thoroughbred driving experience that is far beyond that of its peers.

The SS and Royale variants receive an all new six-speed 6L80E automatic with Active Select carrying a wide 6.0:1 ratio spread improving its launch performance and covered with Aluminium case for low noise transfer and higher torque capacity. Providing a smooth launch feel, the transmission has benefited from extensive calibration work by Chevrolet engineers to balance performance with customer expectations and model requirements. A direct input speed sensor is also there to improve shift feel and smoothness. The other trims are mated to a four speed automatic transmission.

Available with a 6.0 litre V8 engine on all models, which delivers 360 hp (net) at 5,700 rpm and peak torque of 530 Nm (net) @ 4400 rpm, the Caprice is genuinely capable of high performance. A 3.6-litre V6 engine, meanwhile, is available for the LS and LTZ models, and this efficient powerplant can generate peak power of 240 hp (net) at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 330 Nm (net) at 2600 rpm.

The sporting SS model receives a number of additions, including high-intensity HID headlamps, remote start to cool down the interior and footwell illumination. New chrome-plated plastic interior door handles have been added to the LTZ, SS and Royale, and all models are now available with the attractive new Switchblade Silver paint.

The 2009 edition of the Caprice receives a host of standard features to maintain its place ahead of its competitors. For starters, GM’s state-of-the-art electronic stability control (ESP) now comes standard on the LTZ V6 variant, while Bluetooth connection for mobile phones is featured on all models from the LTZ upwards.

The 2009 Caprice is equipped with a superb suspension package, which includes linear-control independent rear suspension technology to improve handling and drive. The sports ride suspension is there to broaden the car’s appeal to a wide range of drivers.

A near 50:50 weight distribution between the front and the rear also contributes to the feeling of a well-balanced car; this has been attained through a lower and rearward positioning of the engine within its bay, a fuel tank located underneath the rear seat passengers – which also improves safety in the event of a rear collision – and relocated battery.

And large, 16-inch anti-lock, fade-resistant brakes and wheel-and-tyre packages are central to the Caprice’s fundamental dynamics. The large brakes feature lightweight, compact aluminium callipers, wide pad area and large ventilated discs to reduce stopping distances by around 5 per cent. They also increase fade resistance and offer the driver a more responsive brake pedal.

The Caprice’s tyres have been developed to improve handling and longitudinal grip for easy acceleration and short stopping distance. The standard tyre and wheel combinations start with 16-inch on the LS, 17-inch on the LTZ and Royale models and 18-inch on the SS.

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