/2011 Peugeot RCZ teased before IAA debut

2011 Peugeot RCZ teased before IAA debut

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The magnificent Peugeot RCZ which was unveiled as a concept two years ago at the Frankfurt Motor Show has done transformation into a production car and will make its world debut this September, again in the Frankfurt! The RCZ Coupe is actually a new niche in car design, as revolutionary as first gen Audi TT which it rivals, and is 110 percent different than any other Peugeot you have ever seen! It’s not even named like a normal Peugeot, they always use boring numbers but this one has a cool name, RCZ, sounds like a superbike!

The car is a 2+2 compact coupe and features some unique detailing like the shape of pillarless doors or the double bubble roof. But still you can notice it’s a Peugeot as it maintains Pug’s Feline character. Honestly since 406 Coupe, we haven’t seen any good looking car from the French firm, they even ruined the lovely 206 with the stupid-looking 207! Now RCZ can change things, and make Peugeot to get in touch with its sporty soul once again.

Peugeot says that during these two years engineers were working hard to prepare something good enough to cope with the exciting styling of the RCZ. So let’s hope they come up with something equally amazing, because a terrible engine(a diesel for example!) would ruin the whole car.

After years and years finally Peugeot designed something brilliant which can be proud of, they better be careful not to waste the car’s great potential with a rubbish drivetrain. The RCZ is a modern classic.

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