/More details on Zenvo ST1 1100hp Supercar

More details on Zenvo ST1 1100hp Supercar

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For those of you who still don’t know what’s a Zenvo, well it’s a Danish company that, pretty much out of the blue, decided they wanna make their own supercar! The ST1 is the first Scandinavian car of this type and it’s set to be Veyron killer. And while it may not be able to count on that based on its looks, it’s got a huge punch under the bonnet which can nail it! Zenvo ST1 has 1,104 horsepower!

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Zenvo of course does not have endless resources of VW by which the Veyron has been built, so their product, even if it’s faster than Veyron could not possibly be as reliable, luxurious, and refined as the Bugatti. Maybe that’s the reason they are only going to make 15 examples of the ST1.

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In the Zenvo ST1, S stands for Supercharger, T for Turbo and 1 for model number one. They say that despite its huge power, it is still very drivable and delivers the needs of modern motoring and safety. ST1 has a steel space frame and carbon fiber body with a unique Danish design.

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The car is 100% Danish design. Denmark has always been known around the world for its cutting edge design and for the first time “Danish Design” has been applied to a Supercar! The design of the Zenvo ST1 is made from free flowing accelerating lines creating the shapes of the wheel arches, the roof lines, side line and the lower side air intake. The sharp lines are connected by muscular organic surfacing creating dramatic reflections. The front is designed around the hexagonal trademark Zenvo grille flanked by the large front air intakes used for brake cooling and housing the front light. The theme of the front is repeated in the rear which is designed around the big diffuser necessary for high speed stability and down force. As on the front the center volume is flanked by large air exits extracting hot engine air as well as housing the exhausts and rear lights. The rear spoiler, mandatory for a car capable of extreme high speeds, is partly integrated. It has a unique aerodynamic design following the raked shape of the rear end.

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The car is powered by a 7 liter V8 which benefits from a Supercharger and a Turbocharger simultaneously! It’s coupled to a 6-speed manual gearbox and can run on normal unleaded 98 (RON) or on Bio fuel (E85) or both combined.

As for the luxury goods, the ST1 is rather well-equipped for a car of this type. The A/C makes sure that the cabin always has the right temperature and the build in navigation makes sure that you always arrive in time. The 7½” screen makes you able to see DVD and is also connected to a rear view camera to make reversing easy. The audio system also allows you to hear music from either your I-Pod, MP3 player, CDs or Radio. The racing seats are both electrical adjustable and so are the steering wheel. The start up of the Zenvo is easy due to key-less go. Simply just push the “start engine” button. When driving the head up display gives you a perfect and safe access to driving information. 2 build in airbags for extra protection and safety. When just cruising simply just use the cruise control. When leaving the car it automatically locks.

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