/Kepler MOTION hybrid supercar revealed

Kepler MOTION hybrid supercar revealed

Kepler MOTION 1 at Kepler MOTION hybrid supercar revealed

At 2009 Dubai Motor Show, Kepler Motors (never heard of them? we neither!) revealed a phenomenon which can be considered as the future of supercars. It is a hybrid but don’t let that word fool you, because they actually made it a hybrid to make it more powerful! It has a combined power of 800 hp and it’s mind-bogglingly fast!

The MOTION’s hybrid powertrain consists of a 550 hp Ford Eco-Boost twin-turbo 3.5 liter V6 which turns the rear wheels. The front wheels have their power unit which is a 250 hp electric motor. So with 800 hp Kepler claims that this car can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in under 2.5 seconds and has a top speed of way over 200 mph. Now that’s the kind of hybrid we quite like!

Kepler MOTION 2 at Kepler MOTION hybrid supercar revealed

The Kepler MOTION is really an engineering marvel. They have developed a new all-wheel drive system called Dual Powertrain Technology (DPT) specially for this car and also equipped it with the latest technologies such as active suspension, active aerodynamics, launch control and programmable track assistant system.

Kepler MOTION 3 at Kepler MOTION hybrid supercar revealed

The car also has a carbon fiber monocoque chassis and body, highly impact-resistant structure and a two-seat cabin which is said to have enough space for drivers of above average size! It also uses StopTech’s new Continuous Carbon Ceramic (C3) AeroRotors on all four wheels for the maximum stopping power.

Kepler MOTION 4 at Kepler MOTION hybrid supercar revealed

Kepler MOTION supercar is limited to only 50 hand-assembled units which will hit the roads from in 2011. There’s no mention of pricing yet, but since they’ve come all the way to Dubai to unveil the car, you can tell it is pretty high!

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