/Honda CR-Z Type R In The Works?

Honda CR-Z Type R In The Works?

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With the new CR-Z Hybrid, Honda is trying to become the leader of hybrid sportscar segment, which is not that crowded anyway. But with 122 hp the CR-Z is so weak it even let the hybrids down, let alone the sportscars! Even Japanese journalist who are supposed to back it up admit that it’s very low on power. Now the word on the streets (of the web!) is that Honda is working on a hotted up Type R version.

According to the same words though, we can’t expect a major hike in horsepower. That pathetic 1.5 liter engine and the clever electric motor will be tweaked lightly for a little bit more stamina, so the output of the car will get in the neighborhood of 170 hp, which is still nowhere near enough to be called sporty. After all the main purpose of this vehicle is to save fuel and Honda won’t tolerate any compromise on that.

Aa a part of the Type R program,the chassis and suspension setting of the CR-Z will also be upgraded. Stiffened up springs, bigger brakes and maybe bigger wheels can be expected. The car’s handling has already been praised as one of the best parts of it and these changes will just make it better, but all of that will be useless without enough power and speed. Come on Honda! you can do better. Just put a turbo on it or something, how hard can it be?!

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