/Road-Going Honda HSV In the Works?

Road-Going Honda HSV In the Works?

Honda HSV 010 3 at Road Going Honda HSV In the Works?

According to a report by Auto Bild, Honda is finally going to make the road-going version of its highly anticipated racing car, the HSV010 GT. This is the car that was supposed to be the replacement for the NSX, but then it was axed, and now it’s back again! Apparently Honda realized that this car has everything it needs to go head to head with the Lexus LF-A.

Of course the production version which will arrive in 2011, won’t come with any of the HSV’s racing features like that big rear wing or the low-riding splitter. Also the word is that the 3.4 liter V10 will be replaced with a more sensible V8, probably a 5.0 liter, as well.

This is really good news that the HSV is going to be produced. Just because of its swell looks! We just hope that they don’t give it a stupidly high price tag like the Lexus LF-A. With a reasonable price it would kill the LF-A.

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