/Hulme CanAm: £295,000 Supercar From New Zealand

Hulme CanAm: £295,000 Supercar From New Zealand

HULME CANAM 1 at Hulme CanAm: £295,000 Supercar From New Zealand

Among all the countries in the world, New Zealand is the most neutral of them all! Honestly not much down there to bring it up in the news. Until now, as their first ever supercar has become ready to hit the market. We too wonder what made them think we need a supercar, but it is here now, and it’s called the Hulme CanAm. Named after NZ’s racing legend and F1 World Champion, Denny Hulme, this car is limited to only 20 units.

The CanAm which is apparently designed to be a Formula 1 car for the roads, is powered by a Chevrolet LS7 V8 developing 600bhp and 600Nm torque, mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. And because it weighs less than 1,000kg it does 0 to 60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of over 200 mph.

So your trips in this car will be really fast, and scary! If you remember Caparo had similar experience with their T1 supercar, and that didn’t work. The car was constantly breaking down everywhere it showed up for demo, and when it worked, it had a strange desire to catch fire and burn the driver! It burned two journalists including Jason Plato.

We hope the the Hulme works better than the T1, but we are certainly not thinking of getting one, since it’s priced at £295,000.

HULME CANAM 2 at Hulme CanAm: £295,000 Supercar From New Zealand

Hulme CanAm Standard Specifications

Body & Chassis
Chassis: Carbon Fibre/Composite construction
Body: Carbon Fibre/Composite construction
Engine & Transmission
Type: General Motors LS7 V8
Cylinders: 8
Displacement: 427 cu.in /7,000cc
Stroke: 4.0” /100cm
Power: 450Kw (600 HP)
HP/Litre: 85.7
Torque: 600 Nm at rear wheels
Configuration: Mid-longitudinal
Transmission: CIMA 6-speed, transaxle with LSD
Drive Wheels: RWD
Front: Double Wishbone & Pushrod
Inboard Coil-over damper & anti-roll bar
Rear: Double Wishbone & Pushrod.
Inboard Coil-over damper & anti-roll bar
Front: Ventilated discs (362 x 32mm), AP Racing 6-Piston Calipers.
Rear: Ventilated discs (362 x 32mm), AP Racing 6-Piston Calipers.
Type: Progressive power-assisted
Wheels & Tyres
Wheels: Front: 8.5” x 19” alloy Centre lock
Rear: 11” x 20” alloy Centre lock
Tyres: Front: 245 x 40 x 19 Pirelli P.-Zero Rosso
Rear: 315 x 35 x 20 Pirelli P-Zero Rosso
Length: 4712 mm / 185.5 inch
Width: 1958 mm / 77 inch
Height: 1095 mm / 43 inch
Wheelbase: 2830 mm / 111.42 inch
Front Track: 1665 mm / 65.55 inch
Rear Track: 1605 mm / 63.19 inch
Kerb Weight: 980 Kg / 2160 lbs
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