/ICONIC’s AC Roadster Details, Specs and Pictures

ICONIC’s AC Roadster Details, Specs and Pictures

AC roadster iconic 1 at ICONICs AC Roadster Details, Specs and Pictures

As we’ve been posting about the magnificent AC Roadster guys from ICONIC Motors, makers of the roadster, got in touch and provided us with new pictures and details of this modern-era muscle car. The AC is the meeting point for some amazing numbers: 825 hp, 660 Lb-ft, 200+ mph, sub 3 second acceleration time and… but the absolute best thing about it is indeed the resemblance ot the legendary Shelby Cobra!

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AC roadster iconic 2 at ICONICs AC Roadster Details, Specs and Pictures

Excellence in Design

ICONIC Motors sets itself apart from any other car company in the world because each car is designed by an engineering team who use only the most advanced material sciences aided by CAD (computer aided design). This allows ICONIC Motors’ engineers to test each element of the car before they are actually created to ensure they will work seamlessly in unison. Conveying the look and style of timeless classic roadsters, but infusing all of the modern technology and engineering available, this supercar is the first of its kind; encompassing high-end luxury, American made parts and unrivaled performance.

AC roadster iconic 3 at ICONICs AC Roadster Details, Specs and Pictures


The exterior of the ICONIC AC Roadster utilizes lightweight, yet extremely durable aircraft aluminum paired with carbon fiber reinforcements. This combination creates a superior body surface that immortalizes paint adhesion allowing for tremendous longevity and plays a significant role in the perfection of the exterior.

AC roadster iconic 4 at ICONICs AC Roadster Details, Specs and Pictures


The chassis is derived from a rigid design that fuses the chrome-alloy tube steel with an all carbon fiber passenger tub, augmented by aluminum honeycomb that is uniquely bonded to the steel. This innovative engineering process results in superior torsional rigidity typically found only in high-performance racecars. This unrivaled degree of rigidity allows the highly advanced suspension to provide a smooth ride, while maintaining unparalleled handling for a street vehicle. The upper control arms also feature “rifle drilled” brake fluid passages resulting in a very clean look and similar to what is found on Formula One racing vehicles.

AC roadster iconic 5 at ICONICs AC Roadster Details, Specs and Pictures

Engine/Fuel System/Transmission

Performance has no boundaries and no limits with the ICONIC AC Roadster. Boasting a powerful 420 CID, 6.8 liter, all-aluminum V8 pushrod motor, the ICONIC AC Roadster is an enthusiasts delight. Featuring a NASCAR derived assembly for maximum performance and longer life span; the pushrod design runs on pump gas and is what makes this motor uniquely ICONIC. Producing a jaw dropping 825 horsepower and 680 ft/lbs. of torque, this engine and transmission combination is guaranteed to throw you back in your seat. The fuel injection system is also designed in-house by ICONIC. The throttle bodies and cross ram intake runners (built as 2mm thin wall castings) give the Roadster the signature look. All low pressure fluid fittings (water lines) feature Wiggens couplings – found mostly in aerospace applications and the transmission is a custom designed Tremec derived six-speed manual featuring rem-chemed gear set for minimum friction and high performance durability.

AC roadster iconic 6 at ICONICs AC Roadster Details, Specs and Pictures


The current ICONIC AC Roadster features Xenon projector lamps, but with the final production unit will be replaced by ICONIC’s own VEEDIMS designed ultra-high powered all LED projectors, a first of their kind.

AC roadster iconic 7 at ICONICs AC Roadster Details, Specs and Pictures

Wheels and Brakes

The ICONIC AC Roadster features race-ready and staggered Goodyear F1 Supercar Run Flats P275/35ZR-18 front and mounted to the rear are P325/30ZR-19. ICONIC Motors designed is very own exclusive wheel package to compliment the AC Roadster’s innovative design, the fronts are 18″, and rears are 19″ giving the ICONIC AC Roadster an aggressive stance.

The ICONIC AC Roadster’s brakes are a joint collaboration between Brembo and ICONIC Motors featuring custom designed prototype Carbon Ceramic 14″ Rotors (360mm) all the way around with specially-designed brake pads for virtually a lifetime of stopping reliability.

AC roadster iconic 8 at ICONICs AC Roadster Details, Specs and Pictures

Exhaust System

The ICONIC AC Roadster features a custom designed header system and a individually engineered ICONIC four-inch exhaust carbon fiber muffler with a five-inch polished stainless outer skin to help minimize the heat transfer, the pipes virtually eliminate the risk of burns if the side pipes are touched, even with the engine running. The system includes an aero-gel layer derived from aerospace technology that essentially eliminates all heat transfer to the outer skin surface. The entire exhaust thick wall is stainless steel and is argon welded to maximize weld strength. The headers are jet-coated in silver for maximum life and rapid head transfer to keep cylinder heads cooler along with entire exhaust system.

AC roadster iconic 9 at ICONICs AC Roadster Details, Specs and Pictures


The unparalleled attention to detail and unrivaled craftsmanship, combined with the highest-grade components makes the interior of the ICONIC AC Roadster truly extraordinary. Like a rare piece of jewelry, the interior is dressed in the finest leather. Each race-inspired seat is hand wrapped with reverse stitching and designed with four-point harnesses to remind the driver of the ICONIC AC Roadster’s performance capabilities. The F1 Racing inspired “D” shape steering wheel is wrapped in leather for comfort and responsiveness. The entire shifter assembly is constructed with 15-5 PH marstensitic precipitation-hardened stainless steel, which is one of the most scratch resistant forms of stainless finishes available.

The custom designed billet aluminum pedal arms are designed similar to the physical vehicle control arms, with stylized pedal footpads depicting the AC logo in a modern reinterpretation of stainless steel. The floorboard is also specially designed for the ICONIC AC Roadster, engineered with a carbon fiber support structure that is sandwiched with honeycombed aluminum, similar to modern fighter jets.

The dash panels are custom CAD designed all-aluminum billet pieces that are tumble polished and anodized to provide a soft finish similar in appearance to ICONIC Motors’ suspension components, which feature the suspension’s T7075 aircraft aluminum control arm design cues. The dashboard brow is wrapped in leather and the instrument panel gauges feature synthetic sapphire windows.

The instrument cluster features a VEEDIMS based design with analog gauges driven by digital stepper motors for ultra-precise control and accuracy allowing for very high data rates to support instantaneous needle response and accurately reflect real-time data. In the event any pointer position moves into a red-line condition, most obviously tachometer reading exceeding engine red-line, the gauge pointer itself changes color to a bright flashing red to quickly alert the driver. This gauge design and VEEDIMS technology is a uniquely ICONIC patented design.

AC roadster iconic 10 at ICONICs AC Roadster Details, Specs and Pictures

VEEDIMS Technology

VEEDIMS stands for Virtual Electrical Electronic Device Interface Management System and is a revolutionary approach to power and data management. Highlighted on the ICONIC AC Roadster, VEEDIMS applications extend to automotive, specialty vehicles, marine, commercial, residential lighting and much more. The VEEDIMS solution leverages the innovative performance of Ethernet and IP technology to deliver an automation system that allows application-specific solutions to be rapidly designed and deployed. VEEDIMS allows vehicle engineers to replace miles of analog wiring with a single-cable and on-board network that carries both electric power and real-time data throughout the vehicle.

With VEEDIMS, new products can be quickly brought to market at low risk, low cost, high reliability and ease of maintenance.

The VEEDIMS itself is more conducive when designing a vehicle. It allows for compact interior design that takes advantage of space normally used for wiring systems. With VEEDIMS, vehicles don’t have wire harnesses in the way and don’t have a large computer box stashed in every panel to run independent systems. With VEEDIMS, only small, integrated systems utilizing microprocessors are necessary instead of a massive highway of miles of wires.

The dependability of the VEEDIMS is very innovative and impressive. It doesn’t have all the moving parts and it will tell you when there’s something wrong. It will let you know what is wrong; it’ll let you know how to fix it and how long it may have been an error. Most of the repairs will be able to be done through a laptop or a mini processor if repairs are required

AC roadster iconic 11 at ICONICs AC Roadster Details, Specs and Pictures

Technical Specifications

Curb Weight 2400 lbs Est.
Induction/type1 Naturally Aspirated Fuel Injected/V8
Displacement 6997 cc (427 Cu In)
Nominal output @ rpm 800 @ 7600
Maximum engine rpm 8000
Maximum torque @ rpm 660 Lb-ft @ 5800 rpm
6 speed manual …..
Rear Differential Final Drive Ratio 3.73:1
Top Speed 200+MPH
0-60 Acceleration Sub 3 sec
Fuel Consumption
City/Highway2 10/20 mpg
Tires and Wheels
Tire dimensions – standard3 275/35 ZR18 (front) – 325/30 ZR 19 (rear)
Tire type – standard Run-flat high performance
Wheel dimensions – standard 18×10(F) – 19×12(R)
Wheel Material and Type- standard Light alloy 6 pin spinner
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