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New Infiniti Parking Camera System

Infiniti parking camera at New Infiniti Parking Camera System

Infiniti wants to make reversing and parking in general as safe as possible by introducing a new generation of parking cameras which add Moving Object Detection to the Around View Monitor system. That makes Infiniti the first car manufacturer in Europe to introduce a 360 degree parking display. It’s not ready for produciton though, and is currently undergoing final testing in Japan.

The coolest thing about this system is that not only it provides views from front and rear, it’ll also detect anything moving on the sides of the car. And it’s not useful just for parking, it works when starting the car, or when driving at low speeds. This technology helps supplement the driver’s vision in situations such as leaving a parking space or when emerging from a junction with poor side visibility.

So as Infiniti says, when you get back home after a hard day at work you won’t run over your dog who’s come to the garage to see you!

Around View Monitor was launched for the first time globally in October 2007 by parent company Nissan and has been available on the Infiniti EX and FX crossovers since 2008. Then earlier this year, as any spec geek will tell you, Infiniti standardised the feature on its EX and FX Premium grades across Europe.

Around View Monitor assists the driver during parking with a screen display and pieces together a bird’s eye view of the car and its surroundings giving audible warnings when the car is near an object. In addition, a “wide view function” provides a 180° view from both the front and rear ends of the vehicle at the press of a button – a useful function at junctions with poor right-and-left visibility. It works using four cameras – one in the front grille, another above the rear number plate and one more under each door mirror – and means there’s no excuse for curbed alloys. Just as well given those of the FX30dS measure an enormous 21 inches.

The addition of the new Moving Object Detection function will further enhance the currently available Around View Monitor system without the need for any additional sensor. It will be introduced within the next year or two depending on market.

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