/Wiesmann MF5 Gets A New Engine

Wiesmann MF5 Gets A New Engine

wiesmann mf5 at Wiesmann MF5 Gets A New Engine

German sportscar maker Wiesmann has been living a wonderful life for years. They have wealthy customers who are ready to blow up big piles of money on their ugly but exquisite cars. Now though they are facing a big problem. You see their top GT MF5 model is powered by BMW’s 5.0 liter 507 hp V10 engine. But this engine has been recently killed off by the Bavarian company. So… bit of a problem for Wiesmann.

Now you might think it’s easy, they would go for BMW’s new twin-turbo V8 and everything would be peachy again. But it’s not that simple. It means a bewildering amount of new tests and evaluations, which is fine for a giant firm as BMW, but not that easy for a small one such as Wiesmann.

They are currently considering different alternatives and will announce the new engine in a couple of months. If BMW helps them there is a chance to see the V8 biturbo in the MF5 as well.

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