/Infiniti IPL G Cabrio Concept

Infiniti IPL G Cabrio Concept

ipl g cabrio 1 at Infiniti IPL G Cabrio Concept

As mentioned earlier at 2010 Paris Motor Show, Infiniti Performance Line will reveal their second creation, which is the convertible version of the IPL G Coupe we’ve seen before, simply called the IPL G Cabrio. It’s basically the same as the Coupe, but it comes with a three-piece electric folding hard-top that goes up and down in 25 seconds. And while it’s not much of a looker with the roof down, it looks stunning with it up!

The concept version to be shown at the Paris show will have a number of exclusive styling features including new 19-inch split-rim 7-spoke graphite-finish alloy wheels, new bumper section and blacked-out grille and headlight surrounds, as well as a body-colour bootlid spoiler.

The interior trim finishers are unique to the Paris concept.  The centre console is finished with black lacquer while the dashboard area above the glove box and doors are adorned with KACCHU, the name given to the armour used by Japan’s feudal warlords, or samurai, in the Middle Ages.

Small iron plates were woven through textile to provide not just great strength but also flexibility and light weight. Because the highly skilled process allowed for a multitude of colours and patterns, the most elaborate KACCHU designs were a sign of great power and wealth.

Under the bonnet it’s the same as the G Coupe and gets a 3.7-litre V6 boasting 338 PS, 18 PS more than standard thanks to a high-flow dual exhaust system, and 374 Nm of torque which is 14 more. Zero to 100 km/h is dealt with in under 6 seconds and it has a top speed of 270 km/h.

Also like all Infinitis it is loaded with amazing features, such as noise-cancelling technology, head restraint-mounted “personal” speakers, seats with internal heating and cooling and adaptive climate control. The 13-speaker premium sound system is by Bose® while suggestions on where to visit, stay or eat and drink are sourced from the Michelin Guides directly into the 30 GB hard disk drive navigation.

Infiniti says “A decision on launching IPL Infinitis in Europe will be taken later after reaction to the IPL G Cabrio Concept has been considered.”

infiniti paris1 at Infiniti IPL G Cabrio Concept
ipl g cabrio 2 at Infiniti IPL G Cabrio Concept
ipl g cabrio 3 at Infiniti IPL G Cabrio Concept
ipl g cabrio 4 at Infiniti IPL G Cabrio Concept

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