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This car you see here is the Raptor GT from RSC (Rotary Super Cars), and while it looks like a Ferrari 599, it is actually powered by a Mazda-sourced rotary engine! But it’s a high performance unit and can be had with one or two turbochargers, and can be fed with E8 Bioethanol, which means it already covers Euro6 standards.

In fact everything about this supercar is excessive and ambitious, not just the looks, it comes with a sequential 8-speed transmission, it has a Race driving mode, and an interior from the pages of science fiction! It includes a 7″ full-graphic-Diyplays, where various telemetry data such as speed, mileage, temperatures, pressures, and the chosen vehicle settings and many other data, are available. These displays create exciting visual effects that show the high-tech genes of the RSC Raptor GT.

Carbon fiber, brushed aluminum and various types of leather are used to style the cabin.

The body of the car is made form a blend of advanced materials. 80% glass fiber or carbon fiber and differs in details in the form and aerodynamics. The RSC Raptor GT also has the RSC VAS (Variable Aerodynamic System), a system that changes the aerodynamics and the aerodynamic properties of the RSC Raptor GT to generate more downforce at high speeds. This system include SBS (Speed Brake System).

The car’s loaded with electronic techs, including ESP, ABS, EBD, R-TRAC (traction control), R-DIFF (electronic differential) and a Launch Control. The RSC Raptor GT RSR and N-Spec also has an active suspension. All electronic systems can be easily operated via the buttons on the steering wheel.

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Specifications Prototyp RSC Raptor GT RSR


Type GT Sportcoupe
Lenght 184″
Widht 78″
Height 52″
Wheelbase 112″
Track Front
Track Rear 50″
Curb Weight 2.425 lb
Curb Distribution 43 / 57
Body Material 80% Carbon
Head Lamps Bi-Xenon incl. LED daytime running lights
Rear Lights LED incl. daytime running lights


Brakes Front Mov’it 8 Piston | Ceramic Disk 406 mm x 38 mm
Brakes Rear Mov’it 8 Piston | Ceramic Disk 406 mm x 38 mm
Wheels VA/HA 10.0 x 21″ | 14.0 x 21″
Tires VA/HA 275/35R21 Pirelli PZero | 355/25R21 Pirelli PZero


Active Suspension
Steering Speed sensitive Power rack

Airbags Driver, Passenger and Head
Seats Racing Seats Carbon


Layout Front Mid-Engine, RWD
Transmission 8-Speed Sequential RSC R-SHIFT Transmission

Gear Ratios

Speed per Gear SPORT-/RACE-Mode
1. Gear 11.223 45 mph 53 mph
2. Gear 7.863 66 mph 80 mph
3. Gear 5.991 89 mph 107 mph
4. Gear 4.886 114 mph 137 mph
5. Gear 4.172 141 mph 169 mph
6. Gear 3.651 169 mph 202 mph
7. Gear 3.235 199 mph 240 mph
8. Gear 2.871 236 mph 283 mph
Final Drive 3.370

Differential R-DIFF (Electronic Differential)


Type RSC 26BDS-TT (4-Rotor Rotary Engine)

Displacement 2.600 ccm
Compression 10.0:1
Power 1.200HP/882KW E85 | 800HP/588KW on Pump Gas 100 Oct (for Germany & USA)
Torque 1.500Nm (electronically limited)
Redline SPORT-Mode 7.500 RPM | RACE-Mode 9.000 RPM
Fuel Injection 3 Injectors/Rotor
Oil System Dry Sump
Enginemanagement BOSCH/MoTec
Catalytic Converters 4
Induction Biturbo
Air Cooling System Water-to-Air Intercooler (2)
Fuel Capacity 100L

0 – 60 mph < 3.0 sec
0 – 125 mph < 7.0 sec
0 – 186 mph < 15.0 sec

Instruments / Electronics

Instrument Cluster
5″ Tachometer with digital gear indicator shift light
7″ Full-Graphic-Display (2)
Electronic System BOSCH (CAN-Bus)
Assistent Systems BOSCH – ESP, ABS, EBV and Launch Control
Transmission Control RSC R-SHIFT (Hydraulic Shift System)
Special Systems RSC VAS (Variable Aerodynamic System)
Multimedia RSC Multimedia System (Navigation, CD, MP3, DVD, Bluetooth)

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