/Zenvo ST1 To Cost $1,225,000 In America

Zenvo ST1 To Cost $1,225,000 In America

zenvo in america at Zenvo ST1 To Cost $1,225,000 In America

If you are a millionaire, live in America, and are bored with your Bugatti Veyron becasue let’s face it all your neighbors up the Hills of the Beverly got one, cheer up because pretty soon you’ll be able to get one of these mean-looking Scandinavian hyper cars which matches the Bugga in many aspects, one of which is the price.

Red Sea Distribution apparently has acquired the rights to import this Danish supercar into America and they have priced each of them at $1,225,000.

Now that’s in the same league as the regular non-supersport non-special edition Veyron, becasue the makers of the Zenvo claim the car itself is in the same league as well. But there are a few things about the ST1 which are not Veyronish at all. Like it’s engine. Where Bugatti has got an exquisite and very sophisticated W16, the Zenzo uses an all-muscle no-brain 7.0-liter V8 out of the Corvette. And even though it has over 1100 bhp, it has not set any official speed records yet, so…

But you don’t care, do ya! You just want something new and different.

via: Autoblog

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