/First Look: New Hyundai Grandeur

First Look: New Hyundai Grandeur

Hyundai Grandeur Ren 1 at First Look: New Hyundai Grandeur

Hyundai released the official renderings of the next generation Grandeur, also known as Azera in some markets. The Grandeur is the company’s first premium luxury sedan which was built in 1986, and Hyundai decided to retain this name, instead giving it a new i-number name like other models.

The design of the new Grandeur is obviously inspired by the firm’s `fluidic sculpture’ philosophy which means mot of the curves in the previous model’s body are replaced with edgy, more dynamic lines. That’s good! But those who have seen the old one will be able to recognise the new one as a Grandeur the moment they look at back of this car.

The taillights are in the same sort of shape as the current model, but they’ve become sleeker and cooler. Hyundai didn’t want to let go of all their traditional touches there! It’s all a very nice design, although the front-end looks a bit too like a Toyota Avalon.

Hyundai Grandeur Ren 2 at First Look: New Hyundai Grandeur
Hyundai Grandeur Ren 3 at First Look: New Hyundai Grandeur

The all-new Grandeur, now in its fifth generation, was developed under the concept of harmonizing tradition and state-of-the-art technology. As a result, the new model is expected to set a new standard for premium large sedans.

The exterior rendering reflects a `Grand Glide’ concept, or an image of a bird gracefully gliding across the sky. The front of the car has a bold grille, emphasizing the car’s premium look. The side part consists of elegant and flowing lines that exude an overall dynamic image. The rear side conveys a futuristic look through stylish LED lamps and the voluminous wide rear bumper.

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