/Official: Morgan Threewheeler

Official: Morgan Threewheeler

Morgan Threewheeler 1 at Official: Morgan Threewheeler

The British manufacturer of bespoke sportscars Morgan is bringing back one of their most iconic vehicles, the Threewheeler after more than 50 years of absence. And it’s not a concept or study design either, soon you’ll be able to buy it and use it on the road everyday if you want to. But I’m not sure I want to, becasue while it looks fun, it must be catastrophically embarrassing to be seen in such a thing in public!

Morgan promises that the new Threewheeler offers the same sort of freedom and excitement as the early models, 300,000 units of which were produced between 1909 to 1953. The new one is powered by the latest “Screaming Eagle” 1800 cc engine from Harley Davidson and a Mazda 5 speed gearbox, a very simple and honest configuration!

Morgan Threewheeler 2 at Official: Morgan Threewheeler

For the sake of safety, the car gets a sturdy tubular frame and two rollover bars surround the passenger compartment. A leather padded aircraft style cockpit indulges the feeling of ‘flying through the air’. Refining the original design has produced a unique 21st century vehicle. A sub 500kgs overall weight and a slippery hull provides the ultimate in performance and fuel economy.

It only has 100 bhp to play with, but it weighs next to nothing, so the power to weight ratio is amazing, and the result of that is fantastic driving fun. Just remember to wear helmet, not becasue it keeps you safe, but because no body can tell it’s you driving it!

Morgan Threewheeler 3 at Official: Morgan Threewheeler

The specification ensures the driver and passenger have exactly what they need whilst encapsulating the original Morgan Threewheeler’s DNA. The attractive themes apparent in the successful Sport range of traditional Morgans forms the basis of the specification of the cars. Eight Sport colours with black detailing and a choice of black or tan leather are offered.

Weight: 500kg (Est.)
Power: 100bhp (at wheel) (Est.)
Top Speed: 115mph (Est.)
0-60 : 4.5 seconds (Est.)
Engine: 1800cc ‘V twin’
Gearbox: 5 speed + reverse
Super formed aluminium body
Motorcycle homologation
Choice of 8 sport colours
Gloss black wheel arches and lamps
Gloss black wire wheels
Matt black exhausts + gloss heat shield
Nickel colored cowl
Super formed aluminium body
Gloss black roll hoops
Twin flyscreens
Black or tan leather
Leather seats, dash and side pads
Exposed tubular black chassis
Leather steering wheel + alloy centre
Black anodized dash panel
Aluminium ‘aircraft’ toggle switches
Body Colored trim panels
‘Bomb release’ style start button
‘Bespoke’ specifications for the Morgan Threewheeler will be available, as with any Morgan, but at increased cost and following a run of standard cars off the production line.

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