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Red Bull X1 Model Built by IDC

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Industrial Design Consultancy (IDC) decided to make a full scale model of Adrian Newey’s Red Bull X1 dream car designed for Gran Turismo 5. Maybe it’s the pictures, but we think the virtual one looks better! This carefully machined replica is 4.75 metres long and 2.2 metres wide, and looks very cool in your office. But if you felt like driving it then you have no other choice than the video game. Of course if you are wealthy enough, there’s always companies out there who will be more than glad to make a real one for you!

Press Release:

IDC Models, the rapid prototyping and model making division of Industrial Design Consultancy (IDC), has just completed a prototype of a radical new concept race car, which comes straight from the mind of one of the world’s top F1 car designers, Adrian Newey, Red Bull Racing’s Chief Technical Officer.

The project has a top pedigree, with the concept car ultimately starring in GT5, the latest release of Gran Turismo – Sony PlayStation’s legendary game launched on November 24th.  The car, known as the X1 Prototype, has been designed by Newey without the usual restrictions of race regulations.  This enabled him to have a blank canvas and put all his technical energy into a design that pushes the boundaries of motorsport, with a shape and form that makes history.

With such high profile interest, the project has been conducted in secrecy over the last six weeks.  Using data supplied to IDC Models straight from Polyphony (the GT5 game developers) the model has been assembled in sections to its full size of 4.75 metres long by 2.2 metres wide.  Each model section was CNC machined and then fitted together and finished to give a seamless surface finish.  IDC Models was selected for its outstanding model making reputation, combined with its facilities and flexibility.  IDC is one of only a few rapid prototyping bureaus in the UK with large-scale CNC facilities.

“Building this model was a fantastic challenge in so many ways.  To build a car of this size and detail from scratch in just four weeks required all our model making techniques and rapid prototyping technologies,” says Head of IDC Models, Vincent O’Horo.  “After all the long hours and intense effort, the whole team is immensely proud of this amazing achievement and our involvement in such an exciting project for Red Bull.”

The modelling project has been documented by time-lapse photography; showing piece-by-piece how the X1 Prototype has taken shape to its landmark final form.  This is available for viewing at: www.idcmodels.com.

The concept car design has already been put to the test by Red Bull Racing F1 star, Sebastian Vettel.  He took a seat as a virtual test driver in the X1 Prototype around Suzuka in Japan.  On his first virtual lap, Vettel beat the lap record by more than 20 seconds.

“Adrian’s dream car handled brilliantly,” said virtual test driver Sebastian Vettel. “There are few tracks that reward bravery and commitment more than Suzuka and I can’t think of a better way to experience the pace and performance of the X1 Prototype than going through 130R at full throttle.”

The X1 Prototype was unveiled yesterday (November 24th) at the Red Bull Racing/GT5 launch.

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