/Non-Hybrid Turbocharged Honda CR-Z In the Works

Non-Hybrid Turbocharged Honda CR-Z In the Works

cr z honda at Non Hybrid Turbocharged Honda CR Z In the Works

When we first saw the Honda CR-Z we quite liked its design as a new type of city sportscar which could offer good practicality with a great amount of fun in one cool package. But when we learned about its frankly pathetic 120-hp hybrid drivetrain we were totally disappointed. Now though, apparently, Honda too realized this car needs more power.

According to a report by Autocar Honda is going to launch a new version of the CR-Z in which they’ve got rid of the batteries and electric motor and installed a 1.6 liter turbo petrol engine. So it’s like a CR-Z Type-R. The thing is, this unit will develop around 160-hp for economy reasons. Now that’s better than 120, but still not enough to make a real sportscar out of the CR-Z.

No worries though, becasue unlike the Hybrid, this one will be easy to modify and we can already see 300-hp versions of it!

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